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39 comments on “Welcome!
  1. elaine pitzen says:

    i couldn’t decide on a favorite all excellent and couldn’t wait for the next book to come out

  2. Pamela Blackwell says:

    Love the books

  3. Morag Birkett says:

    Love the aliomenti saga, can’t wait for the last book..thankx for giving me a fantastic read.

  4. Maia Bradford says:

    As a new reader to your Aliomenti series, and a part-time writer trying to go full time, I’m enamoured of your writing. Thank you for the past hours of getting to know your characters, your writings, and you.

  5. Tim Waggoner says:

    I enjoyed a Question Of Will and look forward to the rest of the series.

  6. Donna L. Jacobs says:

    I am an avid reader. This series had me hooked from book no. 1.
    I hope Albrink writes so much more. Note: This would be so awesome as a TV series?…..

  7. Keith says:

    I don’t understand why these series aren’t at the top of the lists. They are excellent reads.
    I’m now a big fan.

  8. Pablo says:

    I’ve just finished reading the Book one of the Aliomenti saga. To say that I loved it doesn’t help anyone. Let’s try this instead: The pace is fast; the plots and sub-plots are reasonable and logically valid; combine the previous with a fresh and light prose and you get an excellent best-seller type of fiction.

    I would recommend it without any reservations to any Sci-Fi fan that wants something to enjoy as a light reading.

    It’s a difficult to put down book!

    Thank you for the effort that you put into your creation.

  9. Elaine Fisher says:

    I just read A Question of Will and I literally couldn’t t put it down. I started in the late afternoon, read through supper, skipped my shower, and brought the book to bed with me and read until 3:00AM. I am 63 years old and it has been quite some time since I have read a book straight through like that. I loved it and can’t wait to read the next one in the series.

  10. Mary says:

    I’m on book six of the series. I must say it has been wonderful reading these books. Fast paced, well plotted, imagniative sci-fi. I would recomend to anyone.

  11. Mary J Berry says:

    Loved the series, read it in about a week, cant wait to read all of the stories you didn’t tell….

  12. Charlene says:

    First I would like to give you five stars on the Aliomenti Saga Book 1. As a prelude to the saga it’s an exciting and full story that prepares me to leap into the past-future. I want to especially express my appreciation for finishing the saga.

  13. Nigel Davies says:

    I just started on the Aliomenti saga a couple of weeks ago. The Kindle version of the first book, “A Question of Will”, was a free offer on Amazon. I completed it in about 3 or 4 days and immediately downloaded the next book “Preserving Hope”.
    Again, I found this a real page-turner, unputdownable. I’d pick it up at bed-time intending to read a chapter to unwind before going to sleep and would still be there about 5 chapters later in the small hours of the morning.
    Its a new and refreshing storyline. I really liked the way it all kicked off in the first book – until about 3/4 the way through you’re wondering what’s going on, then it all starts to make sense towards the end.
    The concept of an elite sect of people – kind of a cross between Highlander and Jedi – makes for a great concept.
    At the end of book 1 we’re set up for a long plot/story line thats going to run through centuries.
    I’m halfway through book 3 now and still enjoying it.
    I just hope it doesn’t settle into “placeholding” in the middle of the series, padding towards the inevitable end (I have read a few 10 or more book series where you could skip the middle 3 or 4 books and not really miss anything).
    Also, I hope it doesn’t stop when we get back to where it all started. For now (into the 3rd book) we’re learning about the past of the main plot characters. I’d like to learn what happens afterwards, in their futures too.
    For now, I’m really enjoying these books. If the rest are like the first 3 then I’ll certainly be looking out for more stories by the same author.

  14. Debi Richardson says:

    Love your writing, however; since you live in Ohio- are you a Buckeye Fan? (This could be a deal breaker!) Looking forward to every next book you write

    • Alex Albrinck says:

      Depends on what you mean by fan. :) I do not own any scarlet and grey jerseys, nor do I use the phrase “The Team Up North,” but I admit that I was pretty happy with the result of the first College Football Playoff.

      Are we still friends????

  15. Debbie Clark says:

    Hi Alex. I’ve been a fan of sci-fi/fantasy for years. Your first Alomenti book was thoroughly well written and enjoyable.I look forward to reading more.

  16. Jim Anderson says:

    SPOILER ALERT AHEAD!!!!! Love the books. I just started Preserving Will. I just have one beef. All this grief from Hope for a man she is getting ready to marry in a few years. He is not really dead and what is twenty years or so of waiting to a woman that has been alive for a thousand plus years. You would think that she would be happy that he completed his mission,he was. She knows that he is going to father her children…. Anyway thats how I see it now. Quess I will find out in the next couple of books. Keep up the great work and i look forward to reading some of your other work!

  17. Jim Anderson says:

    Ahhhh. Never mind. I get it!!

  18. Chuck hall says:

    after getting an offer from book but for the first 3 books, I have finished them, purchased books 4 and 5, and just now purchased book 6 (STARK CATACLYSM) for Kindle. I have been reading them on my iPad kindle app and have a hard time putting it down. I am 82 and have been reading Preserving Will (book 5) until 3 am when I finished the book. Very excellent series that keeps you wanting more. Excellent writing Alex.

  19. Drew says:

    Alex nothing personal man . . . I hate you. No I just finished reading A Question of Will. I loved the story the pace was excellent. Tying in Angel and Fil, nice twist. I expected Will to end up getting close with Angel, I didn’t see that coming.

    The problem I have is the ending. I understand it had to end some where, but there really?? I know the story continues for 6 more volumes and as time and money allow I am going to pick up volumes 4, 5, 6, and 7. Like many of the comments say I couldn’t put it down. Not a bad thing considering I’m usually up in the wee hours of the morning any way. Now I have to start on Book 2 Preserving Hope. I have to know what happens next and how the story continues. Please tell me you don’t leave Will on a raft in the middle of a rushing river bound for . . . .

  20. Megan says:


    Dear Mr. Albrinck,
    THANK YOU!! I am an avid reader and truly enjoy immersing myself in full series as I feel I get an extended stay 😉 It’s not easy to find multiple books that are all so enjoyable – oftentimes a very lengthy novel can become tedious, but if all the Aliomenti/Alliance books were in one tome, there’s no question I would still be a fan. I started with the first three in a box set and have already bought the rest through to book #7. I do have a question though that is really bothering me. I’m nearing the end of book 4, Birth of the Alliance, and I cannot for the life of me figure out WHEN/HOW Hope received her own copy of the “diary”. I’ve gone back to reread the section where she tells Will that HIS copy fell out of his pants and she saw the picture of herself with her children, along with an explanation of what her mission was for the many years to come. Later there are comments about her version of the diary. But I cannot find a description noting she received HER OWN copy even though there is reference to it later. I can’t imagine I glossed over such an important plot point but my rereading and searching for the answer has been fruitless. I’ve even searched the web to see if anyone else has commented on same. I must have missed it and am embarrassed by that but I couldn’t continue without trying to find out. Rarely do I communicate via message boards, etc. If you could please point me in the right direction to the answer, I would greatly appreciate it. Thank you in advance for your time and efforts regarding my inquiry. Thank you also for your fantastic work. Megan

    • Alex Albrinck says:

      Hi Megan!


      The device physically cloned itself upon sensing a specific set of circumstances — date, time, and, critically, Will being asleep. That cloned machine was the “diary” that Hope discovered. Once held by her, the device knew to display information meant for her use (including the picture of her and the children). Since the device is “speaking” to her, she understands it’s meant to be hers and keeps it. Will’s copy is still where he expects to find it when he wakes.

      There’s no reference to this event at the time it happened in the story because we’re learning of the storyline from Will’s perspective. Since he was asleep, he had no idea what happened, finding out when we do as Hope relates the tale many years later.

      Hope that helps!

  21. Bea says:

    Its a great series. I have absolutely no alternative but to buy book 4! Rarely does a book keep me awake reading through the night. Thanks. Its a lot of fun.

  22. Anne Shamas says:

    I could not put the series down and can’t wait for the next books. I do have a question. What will prevent the Energy rebuilding? If I understood correctly it could be generated by living organisms. Could the trees, for instance, rebuild an energy pool?

    Once again thank you for such a wonderful story. Please hurry to publish more!

    • Alex Albrinck says:

      Hi Anna!

      Thanks for the kind words!

      In regard to your question: I’ll just say that there are flaws in the design of the “weapon” that mean that Aliomenti/Alliance skills could in the proper circumstances return on an individual by individual basis. In fact, this is a key subplot in Deviate (yes, it’s almost done, finally) and will feature even more prominently in episode 4 of the Ravagers series.


  23. Warren ST. James says:

    Can’t wait for Deviate!!! Just finished Detonate. Lots of lines and plots I am wanting to see unfold. Great work Alex.

  24. Gary Clark says:

    Hey Alex, just popped in to see how things are going. Seen in your last comment, book #3 going to editor. Can’t wait to read!!!

  25. Louise Reid says:

    Hello Alex, I am reading the first book in your box set purchased from kobo and all I can say is wow!! Just wow.. You definitely have a new fan in me, your imagination and writing skills just boggle the mind…congratulations!!!😀

  26. Pat Guticz says:

    I have read all of the available Aliomente saga and eagerly await book 8. Was enthralled by the tale and characters. Will and Hope and all other character became alive in the writings. Each novel fleshed out more and more the characters. It was awesome following all the threads and watching them merge into a powerful saga that I just did not want to stop reading.
    Reading the Ravager series and starting to realize that there were threads back to the Aliomente characters was super nice. I loved the new characters and so enjoyed how you brought all of the threads together to make another great tapestry of a story.
    Roddy, Deirdre, Sheila, Micah, and all of the other characters are beautifully fleshed out. The story lines are easily understood and followed. I am only disappointed in that I now have to wait for you to complete the next novels. Thankyou for sharing your stories.

  27. Gary Clark says:

    Just finished Deviate and WOW! I knew the old world and the new world were tied together, you started the process of bring them to light awesomely. As the characters start to come to light, you start realizing why they are doing what they do. I like how you have given us characters we will love, those that will hate and those we are not sure of just yet. ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
    I guess I’ll go back to reading the “In Death” series until your next one! Don’t laugh my wife got me hooked on the series.

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