The Aliomenti Saga – Book 7

Released November 24, 2014



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8 comments on “Convergence
  1. Sandy Wathke says:

    Love you writing can’t wait for the next series.

  2. Sandy Wathke says:

    Love your writing. Can’t wait for the next series.

  3. David Velez says:

    I love the series. Any Idea when the last book will be out as audiobook?

  4. Steve Blundell says:

    Hi Alex, just coming to the end of Stark Cataclysm and have also just bought and downloaded Convergance. Congratulations on a stunningly gripping and fascinating story, lots of twists and turns and characters you can really get to grips with.

    There are a lot of stories out there that deal with humans having extraordinary powers but I have to say the approach you have taken and the way you wove the time travel into it was truly wonderful. I am an old hand at reading fantasy but have to say this was and is an original story that has me reading morning before work, at lunch and sneaking a chapter whilst sitting in the evening “pretending to watch tv”

    Thank you and I look forward to moving on to your other books – Steve

  5. Aman Ali says:

    Is this the last book of the saga??
    or adam’s journey is the last book.
    please clarify my doubt
    thank you in advance
    your fan Aman 🙂

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