The Aliomenti Saga


They’ve learned a startling secret about humanity. Many seemingly magical abilities, told in tales of myth and legend, are an innate part of every human being, merely waiting to be unlocked. The Aliomenti have the key. And they’re willing to kill to protect those secrets.

Will Stark is a businessman, philanthropist, husband, and father. He’s never heard of the Aliomenti, and believes magic is the stuff of fairy tales, not science.

But there’s a problem. A man named Will Stark is known to the Aliomenti, because he’s one of them. In fact, he’s their most powerful member. That Will Stark chose to defect, to use his gifts and knowledge to help humanity, rather than subdue and suppress it. Since his defection, that Will Stark has been difficult to find, and impossible to capture.

Now the Aliomenti have found Will Stark the businessman, and they’ll stop at nothing to ensure their secrets are safe once again. Even if they discover they’re attacking an innocent man, ignorant of their ways. Even if they must slaughter his wife and young son.

But Will Stark, the businessman, is rescued by the faction created by his namesake. He becomes educated in their ways, unlocking the very abilities the attacking Aliomenti sought to keep hidden. His power grows, and he rapidly become a very real threat to the Aliomenti and their way of life.

Just like the man they thought him to be on the day of their attack.

Now Will Stark must choose. He can follow the path of vengeance, developing his skills to the point that he would have sufficient power to destroy those who murdered his family. Or he can risk everything he’s gained to reclaim everything he’s lost. His choice will reveal secrets he cannot fathom… and influence the course of history in ways unimaginable.

And he might just find he was the man the Aliomenti sought, and tried to destroy, all along.

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Hunting Will
Novella – 27,000 words – 90 pages
December 2012

HuntingWill_ebook_Final_small_width 125

Hunting Will
Short Story – 8,000 words – 25 pages
August 2013

The Hunters_ebook_final_small

11 comments on “The Aliomenti Saga
  1. shirley says:

    I just found this series 2 weeks ago and love it trying to get to #3 in the series. Have a hard time putting it down to sleep or go to work.

  2. Jk says:

    A question of will, from the Aliomenti Saga book 1. Is excellent!

  3. Seamus says:

    Love this, I found the first book discounted through bookbub, finished it in two days and bought the second and third. About to finish book three and buy book four. Well done sir, a rip roaring yarn.

  4. Jamie Manning says:

    This series left me gob smacked and wanting more, more and much more.

    Absolutely loved it from the first chapter to the last page in the series

  5. eman says:

    help me to
    Write the book

  6. Barbara S says:

    I love this series! Can’t put it down! Just finished the Birth of the Alliance, Book 4 and ready for more! I recommend his series to all lovers of time travel and science fiction, but whose to know this series is not based on some factual science ?!

  7. Lisa C says:

    I’ve just discovered these books on Amazon and got the first three on the free download. Just had to say I absolutely loved them. Some of the ‘Free’ books on Amazon are well rubbish – but I was absolutely hooked after the first chapter of the first book.

    ABSOLUTELY GREAT – I would recommend these to anyone who enjoys a good read!

  8. Molly Porter says:

    Is book 5 Preserving Will out yet? I don’t see it on the book list. Really enjoyed this series! Thank you for such good writing of a great story!

    • Alex Albrinck says:

      Yes, books 5-8 (Preserving Will, Stark Cataclysm, Convergence, Adam’s Journey) in the Aliomenti Saga are now available. Thanks for reading!

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