Activate_ebook_Final_small Activate
The Ravagers – Episode 1

Released December 5, 2014


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5 comments on “Activate
  1. Laura Cope says:

    The book started slowly and was a bit hard to follow. Once I caught on to the players and the relationships, I couldn’t put the book down. Alex Albrinck is one of my favorite authors, and he didn’t disappoint. I can’t wait to read the next book!!

  2. Janet Maldonado says:

    Will the Ravagers series become available on Barnes and Noble Nook books?

  3. Alex Kinder says:

    Hey Alex,

    I just finished your Aliomenti series and I absolutely loved it. You can check out my reviews on Goodreads. I was wondering when the Ravagers series would be available on Barnes and Noble? I have a nook and would really like to continue reading your work!

    Thanks so much, and keep up the good work!

    Alex K.

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