Activate_ebook_Final_small Detonate
The Ravagers – Episode 2

Released April 1, 2015


***NOTE: The Ravagers series is currently available only on Amazon.

7 comments on “Detonate
  1. Mel Yow says:

    looking forward to this new episode!

  2. Mike says:

    What are the odds that Silver has a prosthetic hand?

  3. Morag Birkett says:

    When will the next instalment(detonate) be available? Love your books, the aliomenti series was brilliant.

  4. Eric Shaw says:

    Please let me know when DETONATE is out.

  5. shirley jennings says:

    Your books are amazing!! I can not put themm down. I usuaaly take 2days only because i read untill wee hours of the moring and literally fall asleep.

  6. Nedra Fraley says:

    Who do we know that has a silver prosthetic hand?

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