Author: Alex Albrinck

May 23 2016: Quick update on Adam’s Journey

The draft currently sits at just over 35,000 words. That’s around 140 pages in a standard-sized paperback. I suspect the final draft will tally somewhere in the 80,000 word range, or about 320 print pages. Here’s something to think about:

A “Mini-Spoiler” About Adam’s Journey

I freely admit to a bit of writer’s block on this one. The story, I think, needs to be told, because it’s an interesting one. WARNING: SPOILERS AHEAD. DON’T READ FURTHER IF YOU HAVEN’T FINISHED CONVERGENCE!!! LAST CHANCE TO AVOID

What’s New?

I’ve been quiet on all fronts for quite some time, and that’s not something I want to see continue. So… I’m reactivating my blog and intend to create posts on a more regular basis. By “more regular basis” I mean

Today’s Kindleboards Author Profile!

I frequent Kindleboards, which boasts a huge number of active forums for both readers and writers, and enjoy reading their blog. I’m fortunate to be today’s Author Profile. I decided to have a bit of fun with it; a completely

Hunting Will, A Question of Will available at Barnes and Noble, Kobo

For those who own and/or prefer eReaders besides the Kindle, I’m pleased to announce that both the Aliomenti Saga prequel, Hunting Will, and Book 1, A Question of Will, are available at both Barnes and Noble and Kobo! Here are

Expanding Distribution

As of a few days ago, my books were available exclusively at Amazon. That’s going to be changing over the next few days and weeks. I’ve been using Amazon’s “Select” program. What this means to readers is that you can

A Nice Little Christmas Present

I’ve written before about the importance of ratings and reviews at book selling sites. While it’s hardly a perfect predictor, more reviews and higher average ratings seem to drive sales. And that’s pretty logical… most people are more likely to

HUNTING WILL, The Aliomenti Saga Prequel, is now available!

I wanted to write a prequel for several reasons. First, I wanted to give readers insight on exactly how the Hunters operate. How do they locate defectors? How do they track them down? And how is it that, with one

PRESERVING HOPE: Available now!

Preserving Hope, the second book in the Aliomenti Saga, is available now! Click here to order now!


The brilliant Karri Klawiter has once again outdone herself. I’m tempted to just sit and stare at this instead of getting the final proofreading edits done, but that’s probably not a good idea. Enjoy!            


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